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Low Carb Living as Fresh as the Farm

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Welcome to Farm Fresh Low Carb Living. Empowering you to select the finest farm fresh ingredients for low carb living, without spending a fortune. After all, your low carb diet is only as healthy as the raw ingredients.  Learn how to select foods that help you achieve healthier blood sugar levels, reduce diabetes 2 risks, lose weight and improve your overall well being.  Discover what foods you can grow yourself. And use your food dollars to support family farmers, rural communities and sustainable growing practices. It's a win-win situation.


A Bit about Me

I'm a writer, who prides herself on being a "discriminating omnivore." Over the years, I've taught people how to grow vegetables for national magazines, garden product companies and audiences from Boston to Seattle.  My articles about food trends, culinary traditions and food production have appeared in Civil Eats, Yes! Magazine, Horticulture, KCET-TV (Los Angeles) and University of California's UC Food Observer.  My historical kitchen garden design was featured in Niki Jabbour's Groundbreaking Food Gardens. I also co-wrote the book Grocery Gardening and explained how to purchase the finest fresh foods and support farmers. Did I mention I love to cook?

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Seven Steps to Reducing Diabetes 2 Dangers

So there I was, minding my own business, exercising daily, eating my veggies, avoiding soda drinks for decades and almost never indulging in desserts. Yet, last year, my doctor told me I had early diabetes 2, and if I wasn’t careful it would lead to a number of health risks, including possible blindness. Yes, high blood sugar runs in my family, but I was following the USDA nutritional pyramid carefully. Why was I sick when I was trying to do everything right?

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Three Reasons to Involve Your Doctor

It's exciting to start a new diet and lifestyle. But here are three reasons why you'll want to involve your doctor in the process...

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Radio Interview

Hear why vegetables are so important to a healthy low carb diet, and learn which ones are the best to eat. Get gardening tips to grow them in your garden. It’s all in this brief interview with Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener Radio Program.


I believe most people want to support local family farmers and ranchers, who are encouraging regenerative agriculture. We need them for our health,communities and environment.

— Teresa O'Connor, founder

Farm Fresh Low Carb Living

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What about Carbs?

Maybe "low carb" is a bit misleading. It's really about eating a "balanced" amount of the most nutritious carbs for your body. A lot of us eat simply too many carbs. Leave the simple carbs like bread and rice on the side of the plate. Fill your plate with complex carbs like vegetables, healthy fats and moderate amounts of clean protein.You'll see "farm fresh low carb living" isn't a diet. It's a lifestyle.

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