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Teresa O'Connor

Founder of Farm Fresh Low Carb Living

When diabetes 2 threatened my health, I used my background in food reporting, growing vegetables and cooking sustainable meals to turn around my own health.  Together with support from my doctor and a certified nutritionist, I've achieved terrific results in reducing my diabetes 2 risks.

I've lost 30 pounds, and lowered my A1C number from 7.8 to 5.7 (and dropping).  My blood pressure has decreased significantly too. People ask me often what I'm doing to keep the weight off, especially since I don't count calories. Best of all, I feel better than ever. Even my doctor likes my results.

You can have these types of results too. Empower yourself to learn more at Farm Fresh Low Carb Living. I'm glad you're here, and I believe in you.

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Isabel Lawrence Photography